Money and Markets and Martin D Weiss

Are they the real deal or are they a SCAM?

Potential subscribers to the Money and Markets or Martin D Weiss various trading alerts should take time to check their past trading results and SEC legal history before they subscribe.

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View a selective statement from the SEC report that shows that they manipulate subscribers into thinking they can make large sums of money.
Selective Statement

Check out their trading history that is no longer available ( going back more than 12 months).

Trading History

SEC Litigation Case (legal case against them).

SEC Litigation Case

Another SEC case against them highlighting how they violated sections of the investment and advisors acts and rules.

SEC Plan of Distribution
View the SEC history of administrative proceedings against Weiss Research, Inc., Martin D Weiss, and Lawrence Edelson

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This website could originally be found under the domain name, but because of it being viewed by potential subscribers to Money and Markets or Martin D Weiss various trading alerts they were then put off from subscribing after reading the information that had been made available on the website.

Because of this Weiss and his legal team took action to close the website and have the domain name taken away from us. has now been transferred to Weiss, but is here now to keep you informed.

We have recently updated the trading history records of Weiss and his associates, and they are located here on moneyandmarketsreview.

Martin D Weiss "Saint or SINNER" you decide

The trading and legal history can be hard to find as it is on a different web page and not on the money and markets web site where it should be. It is also under a vague heading, it's there but not in plain sight. You will see why it's been buried away when you view the results as most of the subscriptions show massive losses. Because Martin D Weiss and his associates such as Larry Edelson, Tracey L Butz and Jack Crooks are under pressure regarding their performance, they have now started to state that 90% will expire worthless.

This is stated under the trading history but you will only see this if you manage to locate the history in the first place. If you were told this statistic in the advertising would you bother subscribing? Losses are mentioned in the trading manual but this can be hard to understand and if you have already swallowed their very convincing adverts which come fast and furious and put you on the hurry! Hurry! to get discounts, you probably will override this so you don't miss the gravy train. Plus, they are guaranteeing profits, so they must know something nobody else does..right... WRONG!

Martin D Weiss       Larry Edelson           Jack Crooks             Tracey L Butz
Martin WeissLarry Edelson Jack Crooks Tracey L Butz

 Nilus Mattive          Claus Vogt                Mike Larson              Bryan Rich
Nilus Mattive Claus Vogt Mike Larson Bryan Rich
Would you trust these people with your subscription fees knowing their history and track records?

If anything the outlandish claims have gotten even bigger (click here to view) now using words like "Guaranteed Profits" in their investment newsletters.(click here to view) Using words like this is encouraging new and inexperienced subscribers to place larger trades and then suffer when Weiss get it totally wrong. Their guarantee is worthless and their response to the losses treat subscribers with contempt with statements like "at the end of the day it's all a guessing game" or "it's all a crap shot". (click here to view) WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! A MINUTE are tens of thousands of subscribers paying $1,250.00 and sometimes more for their bad guesses?...Work out the figures $1250 x 50,000 subscribers = $62,500,000 yes that's 62 million five hundred thousand dollars. That's why they do not need to trade themselves they just need to keep the conveyor belt of subscribers flowing and if they get an investigation into their operation they just volunteer to pay 2.2 million dollars and say sorry. This is a bit too late for all the millions of dollars subscribers have lost on their advice and the ir get out clause "we are just publishers" brilliant!

The trading history (have a look at the amount of losses) has very recently been changed to now show only 12 months data but it used to go back years. This was probably done because they were pre-warned that this site was coming. Ask to see the results going back years, they have definitely got them. If you want to see the real trading history going back more than 12 months then we have them listed on our website.

Remember the names and faces mentioned earlier and above as they move around using the same operating methods all the time i.e. over hyping their knowledge and their past track records.
Money and Markets past track record going back to 2006 shows the real truth about how they have performed for their subscribers, which highlights they lost most of the time but never revealed this to their subscribers or more importantly to their potential NEW SUBSCRIBERS.
This is why Weiss purposely removed the past trading history going back to 2006 because it showed the truth and put off POTENTIAL NEW SUBSCIBERS.
The legal SEC case against Weiss and Edelson clearly reveals this.

Read the SEC legal case (important read) and think through ALL the points raised not just points regarding the "auto trading", this case report will give you an insight into the past trading history that goes back to 2001. Plus it tells you how Weiss over hyped and selectively picked their advertising to bring in new subscribers.
Subscribers were guaranteed profits on Euro puts (advert attached) and even when they were losing by 75% naive subscribers were told to add even more puts to an already lost cause. Remember a 75% loss needs a 300% movement in the market just to get back to break even .so why add more? This is a novice error and these people are telling you they are the best yet they make such basic errors like adding to a losing trade in such a volatile market with no stop loss in place. Needless to say the Euro spiked up massively and wiped out all subscribers money, this in spite of Jack Crook's guarantee.
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(pdf document)

Look at this website, Advisory Group it confirms that you will lose money investing in Martin D Weiss and Co.